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Brand Part Number / Item Number Description In Stock Overnight Available
Diodes Incorporated 1N4749A-T Zener Diode. 24V 1W 5% DO-41. Lead Free ROHS Compliant. Yes Yes
International Rectifier IRKT91/16A Power Module, 1600V 95A Doubler Circuit Positive Phase Control Thyristor/Thyristor in a ADD-A-Pak package. Yes Yes
Sumtak LDA-058-500CE Encoder, SUA-2000-1287. Source: DC 5V, 140 mA. 500 PPR. Yes Yes
Absolute Process Instruments API 6010 G AC to DC Transmitter. Input: 0 to 30 VAC; Output: 0 to 10 VDC. Power: 120 VAC. Used on AC Encoders to convert encoder AC Output to DC for VFD Drive following applications. Yes Yes
McGill Safti-Gard 509 120 VAC, 15A, 3/4 HP motor max., 50/60 cycle. Prevents accidental machine start-up after a voltage drop or power interruption. McGill 509 Yes Yes
Square D GFDR120BC Qwik-Gard Receptacle. With Feed-Thru Provision. Class A GFCI. Brown. 20 Amps, 125 VAC, 60 HZ. Yes Yes
Square D 9001 KP11 Standard Pilot Light Without Lens, 120 VAC Neon Type. Yes Yes
Square D 9001 R31 Red Fresnel Plastic Lens Yes Yes
Square D 9001 G31 Green Fresnel Plastic Lens Yes Yes
Chromalox M21 DP 50 Degree F to 90 Degree F Bimetallic Thermostat. Snap Action Switching, 22 Amps (120 - 240 VAC); 18 Amps (277 VAC). Non-Inductive. Yes Yes